About Us

MusicMotive is a music tuition network based in Sydney. We connect students of all ages with our network of skilled and reputable tutors for music lessons, providing an efficient service and centralised management. Our tutors can come to your home or you can visit them at their home studio, they are also available for tuition in schools.

The MusicMotive Five Point Tutor Check


We created the MusicMotive Five Point Tutor Check to provide the best service and value for money. This assessment process qualifies our tutors across 5 key areas, ensuring we engage tutors who can deliver a high standard of music tuition.

Our customer service

Sometimes obtaining effective customer service can be problematic with private tuition, as usually students only deal directly with their tutors. However, our students can benefit from both the control and responsibility that we have over our operations, as well as the all important close student-tutor relationship that we encourage. 

Why choose MusicMotive?
  • We assess all our tutors using the MusicMotive Five Point Tutor Check.
  • We manage all enquiries, bookings and payments.
  • We offer tuition in a wide range of contemporary instruments and music related subjects.
  • Our tutors have current Working with Children Safety Check certificates.
  • Our tutors service the greater Sydney area.